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An avalanche of happiness or overwhelming joy. Could be for a specific reason or no reason at all. It is an exuberant feeling of existential goodness and positivity. Like an avalanche, a happylanche gains momentum and speed until it sweeps from one person to the next, like a massive.
Erika's blog post was so positive that it caused a happylanche across the internet.
by tachanamercazit March 04, 2014
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Verb: The act of seeking to create avalanches of happiness

Noun: An avalanche of happiness
Adjective: Describing an event or act as full of happiness
In 2014, Ahava Emunah (previously known as "Erika") coined the word, Happylanche, to express her desire to create avalanches of happiness everywhere she goes.

Ahava created a happylanche when she announced that a cure for cancer was finally discovered.

I want to spread joy and kick off a happiness avalanche - a happylanche!

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by Happylanche June 19, 2017
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