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A meme that displays a man with a long crooked nose, long beard wearing a Kippah and rubbing his hands together.

Normally you call someone a happy merchant when they are enjoying the fact that they are making lots of money or when they are being stingy thus acting like a stereotypical Jew.
John: Hey Bob, did you take my dollar that was laying on the table?
Bob: No, I didn't
John: Bob, don't lie I saw you take it
Bob: Fine, I took it but I'm keeping it
John: You happy merchant!
by CptMeep January 06, 2016
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An anti-Semitic illustration of a Jew. It is usually posted on imageboards about politics like /pol/.
Happy Merchant: Oy vey, shoah shoah!
by Manuele Pepe November 01, 2017
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