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A new term referring to the ever growing portion of the population that is best described as a cross between trailer trash, redneck and wigger.

The people of this new social class can often be seen driving to Walmart in their whip which is usually a beat up late 80's/early 90's model Ford that has a RIP Dale Earnhardt bumper sticker on it while wearing their hip hop/gangsta style clothing to go and steal the latest Carrie Underwood CD for their best friend's combo 14th birthday party/baby shower to help her take her mind of the restraining order she had to take out on the father of her unborn baby...or at least the guy she *thinks* is *probably* the father.

*note Eminem and Dale Earnhardt are their gods.
Typical conversation about hankahanks:

Claire: Did you hear about what happened at Walmart? A grown woman tried to throw her baby at a teenage girl who was sleeping with her boyfriend to try and stop her from getting the last Carrie Underwood CD but the baby's "Who's My Daddy?" bling chain hit her in the face before she could release it and blinded her in both eyes!!

Claire's friend: Wow....what a hankahank.

Typical conversation between hankahanks (*note the mixed slang cultures):

Hankahank #1: Yo, dawg. Is you goin' tah Britney's howse?
Hankahank #2: Nah, fuck dat! She done me wrong, yo. 'Sides, I gotsta mow da lawn for my stepdad or he's gonna whoop my ass.
Hankahank #1: True dat! Git er' done!
by LadySparx January 19, 2008
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