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When somebody is arguing verbally, they realize that they are wrong, and start to raise their voice and rudely change the topic of the argument so they can be right and you can feel bad. Typically begins with a personal insult with multiple cuss words.

People that do this clearly don't care about what the argument was actually about, they only care about winning an argument making someone feel bad, or getting the last word. This is very immature, and you should not participate
Jeff: You can make more money if you go to college, and get a degree

Peter: No you can't cause you gotta pay to get into college, and gotta be there for like 4 years

Jeff: Yes, but when your done, you can make much more money than somebody who didn't go to collge

Peter: (raises voice) Well even if you go to college, your still a bitch with no life, I'll have a life without college

Jeff: Wow, you really have to resort to handicapped arguing, grow the fuck up
by Optical Epilepsy March 19, 2010
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