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Hampton Roads Academy is utterly unremarkable, but if it had any quality that anyone gave a shit about, that quality would be being stuck-up and retarded. Collared polo shirts are mandatory just in case the "Thou Shalt Be Preppy" rule wasn't obvious enough. The male population consists severely disproportionately of closet homosexuals and the female population aggressively tries to maintain the image that every girl is the same preppy idiot cloned with different hair color and style. The remaining males all have some kind of horrible Aspergers or other loser-inducing disorder, which raises the question of who the girls are actually trying to attract.

Also, everyone is part of the James River Country club (if they're cool). This make sure everyone knows that this school is meant to be home for the Southern aristocracy, somehow still here after the american civil war somehow.
Where do you go to school?

Hampton Roads Academy

Oh god.

I know.

I'm so sorry….
by lacksbroski October 04, 2012
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