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Hamizan's are helpful and will be the one you talk to when you have a problem. They are forgiving and mighty.
It's not surprising when one comes to seek for guidance from a Hamizan as they are inspiring. When a Hamizan has a dream, they are zealous. They will do anything it takes to achieve their dream. Hamizan's will support you in anything that you do. They make a cheerful and agreeable companion. Hamizan's are also known for their orderly ways. They are also shy but loveable. A great cuddle buddy! If a Hamizan breaks your heart, it would be because he wants the best for you. He will still love you but regret what he has done to you but he is also very sweet and will think of the cutest possible ways to say sorry after he breaks your heart.
Hamizan is such a great friend!
by hazzardoushope January 02, 2017
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