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When a person's arms are so fat it looks like there are hams hanging off of them. Usually a female.
Hey BP...that chick has ham arms.
by R F May 17, 2006
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Word used to descride a fat womens arm;
Derived from the visual likeness of a fat ladies arm to a christmas leg of ham (especially the hanging bit under the arm)!
look at her hamarms;
her arms look like a christmas ham;
i love hamarms;
by Chris February 16, 2005
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To go about an action, process, or method in a forcefully lazy manner in a facile attempt at cutting corners.
A boy's mother asked him to bring in the groceries. Not wanting to spend more than five minutes away from his video games, he decided to ham-arm the groceries in one trip. Suffering a form of economic natural selection, the young man soon found dust imprints on his desk along with a receipt from the local pawn shop - a fitting punishment for breaking the eggs for the fifth time in a row.
by Gregor Ford March 28, 2014
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