A) A lazy way of typing 'Help Me', usually when a person doesn't need help at all, just saying it to try and squeeze an extra 'lol' out of somebody or trying to sound cool and 'leet';
B) Spelling of 'Help Me'for a person who who either makes a typo or who doesn't write/speak english very well.
(A) User-of-Word:"0mg LvL 2 r4bbitz g0nna pwn m3 HALP MEH"
Other person: "0mg buT u r LvL 99999 r0FL!!!111eleven"

B)Guy: "Hei im neew to typping in inglish zo 4give me 4 any mispelllings.. !!! A LVLV 999999 DEEMON AAAH HALP MEH"
Other Guy: "Foriegn n00b. Lol."
by TassadarMan August 08, 2006
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