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This is a misinterpretation by churchgoers, puritans, and girls named Theresa or Mandily of half-assed or half-assing. Please see half-assed and half-assing. If someone uses this mistakenly, you should correct them. If they are using it intentionally, you should avoid them.
T: I've been half-asking... :/
A: half asking?
T: Yeah, I go study, I start then get distracted
A: You mean half-assing...
T: *i've been
--- I think it's half-asking, half-asked
T: :P
T: Lol
I see both
A: Nuh ah... *shakes head* See Urban Dictionary
T: Ahahahaha I think it's hilarious whenever you put on an attitude LOL
A: I think it's hilarious when people mix up words... I said "flice water" instead of "fly swatter" until I was a teenager.
by ortegaaj January 21, 2013
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