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Exaggerative slang term for a metric shitload of weed(marijuana).
1. "Well here it is. My new ginormous 2000-liter bong that I bought at the local pawn shop yesterday."
"Whoaly shit dogg! Looks like you can fit half of Mexico in that thing!"

2. (scene from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas)

D.A.: Do you know who you're fucking with here? I'll have your badge you moron!
Cop 1: Shut up! You found anything back there? (Cop 2 is checking out the boot of the D.A.'s car.)
Cop 2: Found anything? He's got half of
Mexico in here! Must be two tons of Mary here!
D.A.: What? But... but I've never seen... how could it have...?
Cop 1: Eloquent defence you got there, buddy.

(source: GTA San Andreas game script)

Mark H. Contributing to the drug abuser's slang vocabulary since February 2004.
by Mark H July 25, 2005
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