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Behavioral condition where the individual is so lost in their spiritual terminology that the words they use lack substance on the physical plane. Confusion between spiritual terms and reality that leads to obnoxious behavior to other people.

This condition often leads to inconsistent behavior, lack of follow through, self image of inflated grandiosity, colorful lies about past accomplishments and/or experiences, and the triumph of a deluded image of the world and how it works over any practical understanding of the relationship of cause and effect.

Spiritual terms are often used to excuse oneself from accountability. The individual often casts negative judgements on others who refuse to go along with their world view and cloaks this judgement in language that attempts to bolster their own self image of spiritual superiority.

Can also be recognized by a distinct denial of the negative side of human experience and behavior and will often say phrases like, "It's all good". Afflicted individual may also use the phrase "Spirit told me" or "I have no ego" to evade personal accountability. This condition is often seen, but not limited to, New Age and/or Neo Pagan Spirituality.
Getting into a minor traffic accident so she could claim a "near-death experience" was just so half-astral.

Jamie's half astral explanation of Suzie's cancer was that it was caused by Suzie's negative thoughts.

John's off in the half astral.

Someone who loves the idea of spiritual communal living until it is time to wash the dishes or take the trash out.

Someone who claims spiritual expertise though has only read books on the subject. The person doesn't pray, light candles, meditate, or otherwise actually practice the tradition that they claim to be an expert in.

People who think that spending money on expensive retreats and international travel with famous authors and other gurus is the same as doing personal spiritual work for self betterment.

Someone who has an affluent life and thinks that people starving in Africa chose to do so in a previous incarnation.

Someone with their head in the clouds and up their ass at the same time.

People who consider their Facebook posts or other social media outlet interactions activism without actually doing anything in person like making a phone call to their representative, planting a garden, or attending a protest.
by Bee Naughty April 02, 2013
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