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(v). To have engineered a novel approach to a problem that appears intractable to others. Typically, such an approach yields a benefit in one or more of cost, time, and effort. Similar, though distinct from: "hacked." "Hacking" typically implies either a) the act of illicitly gaining higher permissions on a computer system or b) roughly cutting into material with a blunt instrument.

Pronounced /hakT/ or /aych-A-kay-tee/
Person 1: Bro, I just totally hakt the morning commute today. The main street was totally beat so I took the backies and shimmied through some ambers, dude, it was pretty lit.

Person 2: So, you got to school a few minutes early?

Person 1: You better fucking believe it bro.
by SWRVD June 06, 2017
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