Similar to a lol abuser, a haha abuser is one who destroys the meaning of haha by using it every sentence to the point of making the conversation a joke.

If "lol" is crack, "haha" is heroine.
friend: my girlfriend just broke up with me :(
haha abuser: haha why?

haha abuser: haha sup?
friend: why do you laugh at me before the conversation has even started
haha abuser: i cant stop haha

haha abuser1: haha
haha abuser2: haha
haha abuser1: haha
haha abuser2: haha
*haha abuser1 dies from exhaustion*
haha abuser2: haha
by supulton November 14, 2008
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when someone steals ur mudae wish or kills you in minecraft
(or u just wanna b unfunny)
someone on discord: *breathing*
ownr: owner abuse haha funny *demotes*
by January 31, 2021
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