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Stupid bitch that you always see in Walmart buying baby clothes for her dead rock with eczema. Usually wearing tube tops exposing her rolls of fat, knee length plaid shorts that she found while she "accidentally" wandered into the men's section, occasionally found sniffing park benches. In her spare time, she licks slugs, steals dirt, and listens to forks scratching plates. She lives in a cardboard box next to the permantly closed subway due to toxic chemicals. She likes to store moldy cheese, ginger hair, snail eye balls, and armpit hair that she pulled from her fellow hobo's armpit in her bra. She has $900 quadrillion dollars she uses to burn so she can stay warm or to buy drugs. Last seen in Donald Trump's bathtub filled with soup. Finds men from 80-199 years old attractive that have bowl cuts. The end! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friend: I saw this strange creature in my house last night trying to eat a chair!

Me: ohhhh, that was probably Hagetha. She did that to me last week expcept she tried eating my ear.
Friend: ok then......................
by Hagetha March 11, 2018
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