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1. A word used to describe a situation where someone tries to make an awkward situation less awkward by making a joke, which everyone kind of just awkwardly laughs at, and soon everyone is awkwardly laughing.
2. An awkward situation that everyone laughs about a year or more later.
1. Jessica: I heard Nolan and Julia had a weird date last night...
Thomas: Yeah, they weren't talking like at all. Nolan tried to make a joke, and they both just ended up awkwardly chuckling.
Jessica: Wow. That's ha-ha-hawkward.

2. Viv: Remember when we walked into the boy's locker room when Matt switched the signs, and like almost started changing?
Fiona: Oh yeah. That was so awkward. (laughs) but we're laughing now, so I guess it was a ha-ha-hawkward situation.
by SassySally April 14, 2009
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