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a gypsy mission comes about in two primary ways:

1) you go out by yourself drinking and/or taking drugs with the intention of meeting new people, going new places and having an all-round good time. it is a common occurrence when travelling alone, especially in a foreign country


2) you are already out and are left by yourself due to unforeseen circumstances, and instead of calling it quits you continue partying alone

the key to a good gypsy mission is to be friendly to everyone you meet. you don't have to like everyone you come across, but ensure you are amicable and non-confrontational

be open to venue changes, crowd changes and trying new things. if a place gets boring, move onto another place. don't be afraid to walk into a house party you know no-one at. people won't care if you are friendly

just remember it's all about having fun and sleep is always optional
whoa, i had the craziest gypsy mission last night.. ended up hanging out with this crack dealer in the red light district, while he made some "drops".
by talib82 May 19, 2010
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