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Derived from the highly technical term nimrod, gymrod is used to describe stupid or annoying behavior in a gym setting. In a classic Looney Toons episode, Bugs Bunny mocks world class rabbit hunter, Elmer Fudd, by calling him a "poor little Nimrod". Had this scene taken place in a gym with Mr. Fudd wearing spandex pants, a Superman t-shirt and a headband while occupying the most used equipment in the gym so he could talk loudly on his cell phone, Bugs would have had an opportunity to say, “poor little Gymrod” with great disgust as he shook his head and prayed a cable would snap and accidently wrap itself around the freakin’ gymrod’s neck! Did I mention they can be annoying?
The gymrod let out a mighty yell, attracting the attention of everyone in the gym, as he attepted to benchpress 95 lbs... and failed.
by IronHorseNut January 28, 2012
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