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A chattroom hosted at where beta males tell average women and/or whales that they should be supermodels. Occasionally an alpha male or two will get on cam and the women will start acting like they're in heat. The beta males are oblivious to why the women are acting this way, and just assume that women are sexual creatures too. If a pretty girl happens to come on, she sucks away 75% of the attention of the room. Some beta males will try to take this opportunity to show their value to the whales of the room, thinking that since the hot chick is lowering their value, now they might be able to get some attention scraps.
I went on GWChat the other day, and there was one cute girl, two alright ones, and 3 whales. Everyone was praising all of them, but if you actually paid attention to where the attention was concentrated, then it was clear who was being disingenuous because they were thirsty low level fucks. Meanwhile, the hot girl was PMing the alpha male, and they went to a private room and jacked off at each other.
by spacezookeeper December 14, 2015
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