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A Chinese (Cantonese) term that Cantonese people call white people. Gwai lo means "ghost person" in Cantonese. Madarin people don't use gwai lo, since its Cantonese. The term gwai lo (ghost person) is an improper term, but we're just use to calling white people gwai lo.
A mean gwai lo was rude to me today.
by Wil_C_from_TO January 04, 2004
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Hongkong slang for whitey; originallly offensive ( ie foreign devil etc), but also appropriated by white HK dwellers
English accountant in Hongkong: I was out drinking with a bunch of gwailos last night
by Medium Tone December 03, 2003
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Definition: Nowadays means white person.

Background: Cantonese word meaning "ghost person".
Please allow me to appologize for my people, they are white ignorant arrogant pricks that can't understand anything beyond thier own culture so they have to make fun of everyone else's. There is no honor in my culture so they we fun of everyone else's. We are jealous of the fact that Chinese are smart and nonfat and work hard for a living. Don't let the actions of some white jerks change your mind about all white people.
by Gwai Lo October 01, 2004
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all of us cantos say it and we think that they don't know what we're talking about... please smarten up people stop using the word. not that its racist or nuttin since all chinks are racist neways ..FOSHO
by fo sho August 01, 2004
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