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Fanciful, hyperbolic exaggeration by a youthful male, usually about chicks, booze or sex.
Cory: How was the frat party, bro?
Floyd: Historic, dude. I drank 47 beers and banged every chick from Gamma Delta Phi.
Cory: Dude, that's some serious guyperbole.
Floyd: Straight up, dude. Those sorority bitches were beggin' for it.
Cory: No way; that's like 30 chicks!
Floyd: 29, but one brought her Mom.
Cory: You did the Mom, too?? No way!
Floyd: Way-way, dude. That freak-bitch couldn't get enough.
Cory: Dude, you are the King of Spank!
by Etymological Gangsta January 16, 2010
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