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If were high school, she would be the prom queen. If were the Ms. America beauty paegent show, she would be Ms. Universe. Having played and won nearly 5k games, she knows pretty much everyone and anyone (/stats on USEAST). Originally a zero clutter girl, she has migrated to fastest and some bgh with a very occasional bit of non-money. Today, you can find her on her main account or one of her few smurfs-that only a very select few know. She currently spends most of her time on USEAST; however, do not be suprised to see her on the other gateways dishing out pwnage. Her favorite race is Random and favorite strategy is massive carriers and/or massive gaurds/mutas and/or massive battlecruisers.

Interesting facts:
She is the co-inventor of the word "chatcraft."
She sweats when engaged in chatcraft.
She has on one occasion lifted her cc because she typed "L" during a game.
She has a pre-order of sc2 and may go pro.
She has never read the starcraft manual or beaten the single player campaigns.
<Player A> I wish I were popular enough to date gurlygurl. Is she cute?
<Player B> cute is such an understatement.
<Player A> :( I know
gurlygurl has joined the channel.
<Player A> GURLYGURL!! <3 want to game?
<Player B> Gurly :D wanna game? <3
<gurlygurl> Hello kiddies. ready? af(x)?
<pwncakE> af(x)
gurlygurl has left the channel.
pwncakE has left the channel.
<Player A> =/ she ditched us!
<From gurlygurl> sorry!
by 1.25.07 September 05, 2007
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