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A real cricket fan that will get up at any time and text any one at any time of the day the full score.

Often found chilling in gay parts of towns - many think that he need to come out of the cupboard. His school friends have named him "part hermit" as he hardly ever leaves his room.

He moans about every thing and whilst boasts about his alchol capacity is in fact a light weight.

He is very vain. Every thing is "wicked". His favorite present is a disgusting green vanity case.
Gurdeepak often says "Man I was so mash up last week" after a largar shandy!

Gurdeepak will repeatly say "You owe me a pair of Jockey socks"

Gurdeepak asks Dr. Noogle "Can I borrow your curlers for my arm pit hairs"
by Dr. Noogle February 10, 2008
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