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a fucking asshole who leads a girl on for a very long time and then goes back to his bitchy crazy ex girl friend. he's extremely attractive and at first seems very friendly and sexy. he's weird but doesn't care what people think. but he's a douche bag who doesn't care about girls feelings. he'll be exclusive with one girl calling her and talking to her all the time, and then out of no where he will completely fuck them over. Gurami's are stupid selfish assholes who you should never associate yourself with, no matter how attractive or sweet they seem at first. fucking catastrofuck.
Person 1:That guy is such a fuck tard, he fucks over girls all the time and breaks their hearts after really leading them on and thinks that he can pull it off just cause he's hot.

Person 2: Oh, so he's a Gurami...

Person 1: EXACTLY.
by pheonixpheather August 29, 2009
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