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A firearm enthusiast who abuses open carry laws to intimidate those that they think are treading on their right to bear arms. Notable examples include the recent gunbully gatherings at Starbucks locations prompting the company to send out an open letter to these individuals discouraging their behavior.

Gunbullies tend to have irrational, hyper-libertarian views, and do not see themselves as part of society.

The most worrisome aspect of the gunbully culture is that its behavior is harming the cause for gun rights. The crazier these guys get, the easier it will be for people and politicians to support laws that restrict gun usage and ownership.
"Hey everybody! They're holding a candle-light vigil for some kid who got shot in the street! Saddle up, lock and load! We need to go show these panty-waist liberals how it's done. Oh, and if they call you a gunbully, make sure to talk crap on facebook about it."
by randomguy098 November 17, 2013
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