Politically Liberal, a guilt-ridden-whiney-assed-bedwetter is often beyond liberal and nearly to the point of irrationality.

Typically the guilt-ridden-whiney-assed-bedwetter believes that a free ride can be provided to everyone, regardless of their motivation to work, create, innovate or to even wipe their own ass without help from the government.

Usually these guilt-ridden-whiney-assed-bedwetters love to "Help the poor" but always using resources obtained from others. Statistically proven to give less of their own income to charity than the average conservative

Often white, often college educated and usually feels a misplaced sense of guilt at their own existence. Normally dislikes the United States or any other place/people associated with freedom of thought, free markets or that horrid capitalistic system established in the Western World.
Ted Kennedy is certainly a guilt-ridden-whiney-assed-bedwetter
Another for sure guilt-ridden-whiney-assed-bedwetter is Al Gore the former Vice Presidential candidate for the political party full of guilt-ridden-whiney-assed-bedwetters
Leonardo DiCaprio is a guilt-ridden-whiney-assed-bedwetter
Hillary Clinton (See also - opportunist or parasite )
Barbara Striesand
Michael Moore (see also - obese or liar
Jimmy Carter (see also - clinically insane or moron

by Lloyd Barnhill May 23, 2007
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