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a guild party is when all the memebers of the guild get together and engage in unprotected big gay sex. mr gregg greets everyone at the door with sneaky castros and dutch staircases. then nick gets naked lies spread eag on the floor on takes on the hole guild in his asshole while mr hardcore gives him a trolls foot. afterwards the bull gets ass fucked by a big gay porcupine while big black adrian feasts on greggs asshole. next they all get in a circle and shove red hot irons up each member's pissholes, after this episode they give all the freshmen guild members japanese snowstorms and if its a special occasion they will call in big gay Koizumi himself. after initiating the mannie freshes they then beat eachother off into one big great cup, mix the jizz with horse cum and daves insanity sauce and drink up!! Finally then end the party by givin everyone a mustache ride and portuguese breakfasts to everyone but the freshmen, they make them go shrimpin with 19 big gay armed madillos
me: hey man did you hear about the guild party tonight?
gregg: you dude I'm givin out sneaky castros and trolls foots. Are you goin?
me: no thanks.
by Nick Moshetta March 31, 2007
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