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Any person that possesses two main qualities: (1) complete ignorance for the existence of any other life forms within its area and (2) extreme stinkiness. A guccidon will "sing" along obnoxiously with previously enjoyable songs, keep all clothes in the shopping bags of the stores they came from even after wearing them numerous times, and speak on the phone using ridiculously loud volumes in extremely annoying languages incredibly early in the morning. He will also spray air freshener before, during, and after using the lavatory as he flushes the toilet a copious amount of times for one visit. These activities are only a sampling of the cornucopia of repulsive activities that can be attributed to the culturally inept guccidon. Do not attempt to remedy a guccidon's many shortcomings, as the total obliviousness to its affect on its surroundings will prevent any progress whatsoever.
(1) The guccidon talked on the phone today and said that at the end of the day the man has the power in the house and the reason the U.S. has such a high divorce rate is because women have too much say. (2) I had a dream I killed the guccidon last night. (3) The guccidon is out "handlin his thang thang" or "lunchin like a munchin". (4) Often goes by initials that don't appear anywhere in his true name.
by Paul February 26, 2004
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