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An adversary so feeble, hapless, and inept that his treacherous or duplicitous actions actually end up insulating his intended target from any and all harm originally intended to be inflicted upon him.
"My fat bastard of a supervisor and her idiot flunkies made my life so miserable that I resigned my post and took a position elsewhere. Thirteen weeks later, my former place of work became embroiled in an international scandal that resulted in criminal charges being filed against the corrupt, messianic boss; innocent employees being deported; and the filing of a multi-million dollar lawsuit that threatens the financial solvency of the institution."

"Wow. Staying with that sinking ship could have ended your whole career. The douchebags who badgered you into resigning actually ended up being your guardian assholes."
by Can'tstopthesignal July 07, 2014
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