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A grrrei is a Sri Lankan or other Eastern dark race, but at it's worst. A grrrei is a person who is 5' at best, is shrivelled up beyond their respective years should show and can be found working minimum wage throughout the world. Grrrei's often are found doing stupidly outrageous things, such as eating bird seeds on a bus, riding a bicycle that was made before their birth or cleaning the skin in between their toes in densely populated public areas. They are a great source of entertainment for racist white boys. Grrrei's can be found in abundance behind newsagent stalls England-wide.
Boy #1: "Yo, did you see that grrrei back there?"
Boy #2: "Innit, who inspects their toes at a bus stop?"
Boy #1: "Alie! That's well dirty. Did you see his teeth?"
Boy #2: "That's what happens when you eat bird seeds."
by Sir AVARiCE June 22, 2007
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