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Groton Long Point is small town on the Connecticut shore. A place that is nearly deserted except for the months of July and August. GLP is known for its rediculous cops...pulling over kids for riding without helmets and breaking up parties that consists of a few beers and a root table.Most of the people that come to GLP it is there second or third home... these people mostly come from fairfield county and bring there cocky ignorrant attitude to GlP. Weekends in GlP usually consists of people sitting at the "Point Spa" buying overpriced candy and drinks. The piont spa didnt even have milkshakes until it was protested. During the day kids ride there bikes around going to east dock and longboarding pretending like they are from "Dogtown." Most kids in GlP are wanna be surfer however can barely stand up on 12 foot long boards on 3 foot waves. The girls in GlP are pretty and pretend to be friends with each other but secretly hate each other while the boys try to be Bro's and try to attract these pretty but annoying girls with there long blonde flow and avator bro googles.. overall Glp is fairfield county of the shore with rich cocky kids and root parties that gets busted
girl one: wanna go to groton long point and through a party in the abandon houses...
girl two: no the cops suck there lets go to Dairy Queen
by redballon May 04, 2009
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