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A freakishly fiendish meth-amphetamine addict. Will do just about anything for a (hoot).

Junked out to the point where no amount of humiliation or risk will detour them from reaching the next hoot.

Someone who will with no shame smoke the bottom of the barrel (pipe scrapings) and pick shards out of there skin.

A person who skulks around any and every drug dealer, in hopes to get as much free shit as possible. So much so that they make this horrible squealing sound at the mere sight of a shard, and there is no distinction between the real deal, and (buff shard )to a grit raptor, because the grit raptor will smoke anything...

Also could be labeled as a fiend, a bad sketcher, a tweek tard, pipe wipe, squidward, puddle slut, dump truck, punched, goof troop, shard lobster, squidly, bad action hero, pylon, any cock will do, semen demon, pickin pox, gak tard, bunk and chapped, soup sandwitch, dink pit, shady, shard bat, bad goof,
Geez, look at her over there smoking that bottom of the barrel buff shards. Yeah no doubt she's a grit raptor.

We actually saw that hurtin grit raptor picking shard out of the skin and smoking them.
by MissBehavin1330 July 31, 2011
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