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Grishna aka cakeboy, is a gaming slang term used for a person who is clinically obese. This person often plays for a online gaming clan/community, and often uses the words "noob", "boon" and/or "owned/pwned".

They often try to take pictures of themselves with a "emo/myspace" feel, and often refer to themselves in "body type" as "a little big built".

Mostly northerns fit this description, and they are usually aged between 15 - 19 years old. They do not have a girlfriend, and are still often a virgin. They masturbate heavily, often while gaming and often work within fast food restuarants.
"omfg you noob, you stupied effin grishna, stop stuffing your face you fat cu#t, i cant hear you talking on teamspeak, its all muffled, take the pie out of your mouth and talk"

"rofl@grishna, i owned cakeboy cos his chubby fingers block the keys"

by Osuma Bin Laden September 08, 2006
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