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The literal or metaphorical meaning of ejaculation forced into ones literal or metaphorical teeth or mouth. You can only give or take grill nutt, it does not just exist. Researchers have suggested that grill nutt is best served hot and pippin, which has been heavily debated among cult followers of the term, who hold that the founder suggested hot and pippin was the worst way to serve the nutt, and that it was best served lukewarm to cold.
"Did you see the fatal wreck on the interstate? Dude driving the faggy Prius caught grill nutt."

"Sit back, relax, and have a grill nutt"

" Our basketball team just took an industrial size load of grill nutt. Our coach caught so much grill nutt he can't say shit. He may drown in grill nutt"

Tom: I'm about to serve on hot and pippin
You: serve what hot and pippin
Tom: grill nutt
by Diddler on the Roof August 24, 2016
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