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Griffith High School is majority black people since about 2014. It is also on the Southern side of town. North side of town is full of a bunch of pussy ass black kids living in the mansards swearing they're about that life on the internet, when in reality they wouldn't even look your way walking down the street. Griffith students are 99% ugly. The black girls think they're from Chicago, the white girls love to pop their ass out in their instagram photos and think they can fight when they put a hole in their wall when they're mad or when they get their heart broken by some fuck nigga who lives off section 8. THe white boys are either in some gay ass extracurricular such as choir or drama, or a pothead who doesn't give a fuck about their school. School board is ignorant as fuck especially Mr. Gordon (dean of students) and Mr. Orkis (principal).
Girl; What school do you go to?
Guy; Griffith High School.
Girl; Oh, that kinda sucks ass...
by Wannabe Drop Out Kid At GHS January 01, 2017
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