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A shitty town that the only thing to do is smoke meth and drop out of school.actually its not even a town its a village but not a cool village where everyone owns horses and armor no instead everyone owns spray painted cars that are Slower than a horse but the owners think that they are fast and has armor or shirts for that matter.the school is actually pretty nice now that everyones droped out and if you enjoy seeing cockroaches everywhere.most people are fat and imbred and there idea of a good time is going to mcdonalds
There is absolutely no police at all which is good if you like living around the fumes of a meth lab,diesel fuel from wanna be rednecks,fast food and sewage
Example of life in greenfield Ohio

Drop out
Knock a girl up that you don't love
Cook meth
by villager#1 July 20, 2014
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