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When you just got high and you get hungary; the munchies.
"aww, dude I just smoked a gram of kb and now I got green tooth."
by jawn townznd November 29, 2009
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Greentooth is a way that someone can openly mock a user of a Bluetooth ear piece.
If you want to do hands-free while your driving please feel free to use your Greentooth.
by mshef56 March 03, 2011
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Another name for rural swamp folk / swamp redneck characterized by any combination of the following: air boat riding (possibly primary form of transportation), gator wrestling, frog hunting, etc generally in a bayou, swamp, marsh, river, etc. The term comes from the common characteristic of having one or multiple green tooth(s). Dialect differences are generally profound.
National geographic shot a gator special with the aid of a green tooth.

Them green tooth sho do fry up um good fog leg an skeeter salad.

The waterboy lived amongst the green tooth.

Princess and the Frog was full of animated green tooth.
by polishsausag May 05, 2010
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