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a youngster between the ages of 13 and 25 who listens to metal, death metal, nu metal and a variety of older rock/metal, such as sabbath and iron maidon. this variety of people, dress in baggy black jeams with a large ganster line and usually wear black make up upon the eyes(males aswell)
the greebow along with the ounk, is the sworn enemy of the townie and will gladly start on a group of townies just to prove that even as a group they arent ' rock 'ard'
a long haired teen(usually dyed black with red streaks) wears black eye make up aswell as lipstick, and white blusher. have a great desire for gnarly looking tattoos and pearcings, are often called satanists when quite oftenly they arent.
by Alan Wharton December 31, 2004
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