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An epic event that occured on NQ, also known as the Neoquests board from the virtual pet site Neopets. The Neoquests board was where people on Neopets could talk about the game Neoquest, a pretty retarded game that was obviously found on the equally-retarded site. The Great Freeze was the equivalent of a huge PMS from the admins of Neopets, known as either the NPT or TNT. No one at NQ really liked to talk about Neoquest since it was gay and most people didn't care about it, so we used to talk about anything OTHER than said gay game.
One day out of the blue, TNT decideds to shove a stick up their formerly facetious assholes and take it out on us NQers (known back then as the Kingdomers), deleting the accounts (aka "freezing") of anyone not found to be talking about Neoquest. This caused the pansies to flee to other Neopts boards, whereas more headstrong victims stayed behind and made new accounts, only to be frozen a day or so later for the same thing. Eventually TNT turned NQ into a barren wasteland of no one but lame retards who actually talked about the game to begin with (population count: 3 or 4).
From there the NQers drifted from other various Neoepts boards but most of us grew up and left the site.
NQ is still there today, onyl with an extra topic for conversation: NeoQuest II, aka your extra dosage of the exact same thing, only with a new ever-lame plot and a brand new generation of NQers who obviosuly learned their lesson when TNT reared their ugly heads back and kicked us Kingdomers out for trying to spice their game up by just shunning its existance.
Guy: "I was a Kingdomer and a victim of the Great Freeze."
Awed crowd: *worship*
by Captain Misti January 29, 2007
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