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An intimate move involving:

Anal sex while your partner has profuse diarrhea, and then moving your penis from your partner's anus to their mouth. Closely related to ass to mouth

Alternate forms:

Greasy Taquito (noun)

Alternate form of 'greasy burrito.' A greasy burrito performed by a 'less fortunate' person.
"That bitch of a hooker I hired diarrhea'd all over my dick, so I gave her the ol' greasy burrito"

"Catcher: I feel weird"
"Pitcher: I hope you're ready for a greasy burrito"
"Catcher: A what?"
"Pitcher: Open up!"
by toasty3000 March 23, 2017
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A sex act in which a bunch of dudes cum another guys dick, and then the dude who was came on fucks a girl
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