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A liar, master of faggotry, filthy, lower than dirt, loves strippers, diseased, a magnet for hatrid, and teasing. Is often known to be railed by strippers with a strap on, with the length of 9-16 inches. Often thinks of himself as a badass, and has no friends. Does not know the value of a dollar. Also is a compulsive liar, and also known as a cum dumpster. The kind of guy you can slap once and he hits the ground.
Look at that sick fuck over there, run him over.
No dude its just a grabel.
Hey guys, theres a party going on two blocks down,
Can I come
Fuck u grabel
by A Hero October 17, 2013
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A hard working athletic person usually the last name of a person who will one day be strong and rich. Associated with all different groups of people and has manny friends. Knows the true value of a dollar and is able to handle issues the right way. One of the toughest most underestimated people on this planet
hot sexy strong tough athletic underestimatedgrabel Grabel
by A changed hero March 05, 2014
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An individual who quite literally died, but somehow came back. This guy can literally handle
More substances in his body than the store rooms in a pharmacy. He's pretty small but when you piss him off you activate his "years of snorting adderall and bench pressing" mode which is fucking scary. He likes to mess with people for fun and picks up dead rats and shit, but if you were in any sort of trouble he'd help you. He tries to act like an asshole, but he's been known to pray for some kids family even if he hated the kid. He's either Jewish or satanist. No one can really tell. Hes a retarded genius.
What the fuck is grabel doing?
Idk he took some weird pills now he's licking everything
by Different hero April 12, 2016
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