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N. pronounced like hovels.
The fanatic minions who worship the University of Tennessee football team. Etmy. Derived from the ritual chant often heard emanating from the mouths of the UT Volunteer fans "Go Vols!" 'Vols' of course being short for Volunteers, which is far too many syllables for the average govol. Govols can be detected by their orange paraphernalia, drunken state, lack of respect for humanity, and generally obesity. Govols should be considered marginally dangerous after UT looses, but unless you are in some way crippled you can easily outrun a govol.
Human: Holy crap!, There are giant oranges rolling down the street.
Knoxville, TN resident: No dont worry, there is a football game today, that's just a herd of govols.
by Scott Trowbridge July 08, 2006
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