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A ridiculous creature, part goth, part torture-monster. If you win its heart, even if you're not trying to, it *might* be devastatingly romantical and turn its ridiculous charisma and decent emotional depth and intelligence towards winning your heart as well. However beware this wily creature - the attention span and depth are not as promised, and you'll end up with your heart devoured and ripped apart, and it won't even bother to eat the heart, just spit out the fibrous shreds, sneering/smirking/sighing at your ridiculousness for having believed its claims/promises/vows. Very hard to recover from an attack from one of these creatures.
"wow, you look like shit, what the fuck has been going on with you?"
"Oh a gothspawn did me in"
"shit, those things are devastating... hope you'll be ok."
by scaremyself February 02, 2010
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