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While receiving a rim job, the recipient locks the performer's head in place with a clenching of the thighs and proceeds to discharge fecal matter into or around the performer's mouth.
1. The usual post-Sunday Chinese buffet dinner rimjob got especially melt-in-my-mouth when my wife gopher trapped me after I suggested mid-stroke that the Chinese buffet doesn't exactly help her lose her obstructive gunt.
2. Whilst the gopher hath trespass thy sullyhole with the rounded lickalack, thou shalt commence the dreaded gopher trap, whereby thou ensnareth the detestable gopher with thy clench, and exact a most grievous and terrible revenge; the earthly emission hath made its way downward the gullet, and added to or failing entry, the maw shalt mirror thy muddy sullyhole.
3. I would totally come to the rave tonight, but my mom caught me stealing from her purse and gopher trapped me, ruining the candy I was flipping.
by jawn doodley December 05, 2008
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