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1. What happens when a flock of Canada Geese is sucked into the jet engines of an airbus which is trying to take off, necessitating a water landing in the Hudson River, or some other unplanned location.

2. Starting on a long trip and due to unexpected circumstances, your trip is cut drastically short. You end up somewhere you don't want to be.
"Within minutes of takeoff, the crew of the US Air airbus hit a flock of geese. They lost both engines. The captain instantly knew they were experiencing a goosedairbus ala Hudson. Fortunately, due to quick thinking and experience, crew and passengers survived unscathed.

Talk about getting goosedairbussed the other day. I started for the West Coast but the NY State Police pulled me over for a busted tail light. I had an old warrant. I spent my vacation in jail.
by slowhands57 February 13, 2009
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