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Googlehammer is a sick prank site which shows a guy spinning his penis around, while the song "Right Round" is playing in the background.

You can not exit out the site, if you try it says "You've Been Dick Rolled"
For example: I was on talking 2 my friend, then he said go to, then i said ok. then i couldn't get out the link so i took out the battery out of my laptop for it to stop.
by Spyker44 August 21, 2009
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A web page that is actually 2 guys f***ing each other up the ass and counting how many times the guy's dick spins. FOR QUEERS ONLY
"Hey man check out Google Hammer. It's soooo much better than Normal Google"
"Yeah, Sure man"
looks up Google Hammer
"Eww man that's disgusting!"
by Moose6969 May 01, 2009
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