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Popular act among know-it-all-brats.

With the help of Google, one gathers information about everything and try to throw it out in every direction, and a google child will always try to be the smartest person there is.

Teh Greatest Google Child is easily recognized by its astonishing tries to teach things to people who already know this very well.

A Google Child will always try to start a so-called Google War, smart people will see through his or her acts, and acknowledge the Google Child for what he or she is.

If you are one of these Google Children... Learn when to pick your freaking Google Fights!!
Example 1:

Poster #1: Yesterday I bought this brand new pair of sneakers..
Google Child: Did you know the sneaker was invented in blah-blah-blah, by Mr. Blahblah (add 600 words of uninteresting facts here)
Poster #2: Run! Teh Google Child is here!

Example 2:

Poster #1: I've trained judo for almost 10 years now, it's an awesome sport.
Google Child: Yes, judo which origines from Japan is an awesome sport. The founder was born in 1860, and blahblahblah..
Poster #2: Wtf?! I already KNOW this! Are you trying to become teh Greatest Google Child?"
by Icebird April 11, 2006
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