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When 2 people are arguing, (considering that since science-even social science- was, is, and will forever be, self correcting) but supposing that neither of the arguing parties wants to lose their argument ( I mean wtf, what rational person wants to lose an argument:)), one of 3 things will happen:

1) when I have google proved you, I.e. I proved that your argument is correct, I have automatically google disproved myself

2) when I have google disproved you, I did something else-for what reason is irrelevant- I have google proved myself, proven my argument to be correct.

3) you cannot philosophically prove, with a philosophical P, who wins or loses said argument, since an argument will only stand the test of time until a counter argument-one that also stands the test of time- is introduced as a new, self corrected, argument.
by sexydimma May 17, 2016
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