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good koalas: (1) a phrase stated in response to good situation to describe a state of being such as elation (2) gnarly, sweet, cool, awesome, stoked, etc (3) good deal, good time, etc (4) lucky, grateful things went down as they did

it has reference to koala bears which is awesome, if you did not know they are quite vicious if they have not been eating. when they eat the leaves of the trees they live in it makes them high because they are poisonous but they have adapted to eat them. when they are high there are known to be quite friendly and can be approached and even petted because they are quite docile. if you stumble across a hungry one your in for a fight....hence a good koala

good gnarly good deal right on sweet righteous solid stoked lucky awesome good situation
dude a: yeah man, so that chick totally wants you man, she wants you to give her a call tonight around 7. you are so getting some!

dude b: good koalas man! i can't wait, i'm stoked!
by Zigaphor February 15, 2008
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