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being that Gonzales,TX is the birthplace of Texan freedom with the yelling of "come and take it"and the firing of a single cannon shot at the lowly mexicans, its only fitting that this oft-practiced sexual manuever be made known to the world.
while having your girl, or guy for some of yall, in the doggy style position, take a large pinch of copenhagen and a plump paper shell pecan and insert into the victims rectum and then use your "rod" to drive the powder and shot home, quickly jumping back and yelling "come and take it". if the victim is pointed in the right direction, the ensuing "shot" has the potential to flatten numerous victims, so after the loading and packing, get outta the way quick. a fitting and glorious tribute to the texas revolution
after johnny gave susy a "gonzales muzzleloader", that pecan broke several truck windows
by txnduckhntr January 02, 2012
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