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The rare combination of gonorrhea chipalis herpes and AIDs all in one...otherwise known as SAIDs (super AIDs). This is usually caried by monkeys, or people who have sex with monkeys and then return it back to their native land to spread. Monkey, however, are immune to the disease seeing that they have been living with it for many years, but humans are not so keen to this disease. BEWARE: if you or anyone that you know has recieved gonachipaherpalaids please imediately do something amazing with your life seeing that you are to die very soon. (i.e. go run naked at a NFL game).
"Man I went to Africa and saw some monkeys...there were no women so i said, 'what the hell,' and i tapped that..big regret though, i received gonochipaherpalaids, i'm gonna die in 3 months...i Fxckd up lol!!!11!one!!1 WTF was i thinking? IDK. ahh fxck ittyl pce out..." WADAFXUP?
by sonicfast May 16, 2007
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